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  • Work in a professional and co-operative manner with students and parents/guardians.

  • No tolerance of discrimination againt race, gender, colour, religion, age, disability or other status towards students at Miss Natasha Dance.

  • Miss Natasha Dance will always act in a manner to promote safeguarding for all children and young adults.  

  • Miss Natasha Dance is all up to date with new GDPR laws that have come into place. 

  • All students information are kept safe confidential and shall not be passed to any third party,except when there is a legal right or duty to disclose. 

  • All pictures of students taken in a dance class shall only be used on the Miss Natasha Dance Social media pages and website, all identity kept confidential. 

  • Miss Natasha Dance will keep upto date with Disclosures and Barring service checks (DBS). 

  • Miss Natasha Dance holds prefessional qualifications and Public Liability Insurance.

  • Undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to keep upto date with knowledge and practice with the individual's awarding body. (Royal Academy of Dance). 

  • Ensure teaching facilities (e.g halls and dance studios) are safely maintained for students to dance.

  • Dance classes will only run with one child if the parent/guardian is present. 

Code of Conduct

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

Terms & Conditions

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